Our Quality Food

Offering an array of entrees, noodles and rice dishes, you are guaranteed to find the best possible combination for your night out. We offer a choice of chicken, beef or pork dishes, as well as a tantalising combination of all three. Not forgetting those who abstain from meat, we also offer a variety of appetizing vegetarian options.

In addition to our wide variety of Vietnamese main dishes, we also have several in-house specials that are simple yet also carry the authenticity of these two vibrant countries. From a succulent Honey chicken to steaming fried rice, choose one of our inexpensive specials.

Pair our dishes with an assortment of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Finally, end off your meal with one of our scrumptious desserts.

Thuan An’s selection of flavoursome dishes is sure to leave you in a delightful mood after treating your taste buds to the finest of East Asian cuisines!


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